July 21, 2018

“We love treating kids at Pentino Dental. We strive to create an environment where kids love going to the dentist.”

“Many people are fearful about dental treatment, but if you haven’t been to the dentist regularly, you may be pleasantly surprised. Our goal is to give you a beautiful smile with a gentle touch. “

“Dr. Pentino and staff believe in making dental health a family affair, and that’s why we offer comprehensive care for the whole family. Whether you’re 2 or 92, we’ll be you partner in dental health. “

“We believe cosmetic dentistry should be accessible to everyone. Whether it be major work or just a touch up, the technology we use at Pentino Dental can create dramatic results.”

“At Pentino Dental our goal is to provide outstanding patient care with concern, clarity, and clinical excellence.”

“We know there’s nothing more important than our patients’ time. We work hard to schedule appointments properly so you don‘t spend your valuable time waiting to see the dentist.”

“Many of our cosmetic procedures are affordable and comfortable. Fixing chipped teeth, closing gaps, and whitening teeth are conservative procedures that offer big results.”