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Avoid ice cream no more! Teeth sensitivity may be an simple fix!

We get many questions on teeth sensitivity and what can help relieve it.


Firstly, you should get an exam to rule out a cavity or older leaking fillings being the cause of the problem.


The next most common cause is gum loss around the teeth that leaves the root of the tooth exposed.


If the root of the tooth can get food, water, or air on it, that will cause a lot of sensitivity.


One of the common symptoms would be if you touch the side of your tooth by the gums, you would get a sharp pain.


Some of the treatments for teeth sensitivity include:


  • Painting a fluoride gel on the side of the tooth to help seal the root that’s being exposed to food, water, or air.


  • Using at home fluoride treatments such as toothpaste for sensitive teeth like Sensodyne, or prescription fluoride trays.


  • Or in severe cases, placing a small fluoride releasing filling may be necessary.


Also, remember using  whitening treatments, including whitening toothpaste, can increase sensitivity do to the dehydration of the tooth or in the case of toothpaste the addition of abrasives in the toothpaste that help to scrub off the stain can cause the tooth to be more sensitive.


If you’re using any whitening treatments including a toothpaste, I’d recommend you decrease the amount of time you’re using the product to see if the sensitivity goes away.


Remember to tell your dentist and hygienist of your teeth sensitivity at your next appointment because it may be a simple fix.


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